The new face of well-known brand. YUKO oils received a new package.

Modern and reliable packaging is an important part of high quality product.
Today, we are glad to present a new YUKO packaging.

JV "YUKOIL" took part in conference "CIS Base Oils and Lubricants".

International Conference «CIS Base Oils and Lubricants" has been held for the fourth year in Moscow.

YUKOIL company developed a product that has no analogues in Ukraine.

Lubrication «YUKO Food Grade GP» with  NSF H1 approval for the food-processing industry was the first, that produced in Ukraine and the second on the CIS territory.

YUKOIL - Automechanika Istanbul Exhibitor 2016!

YUKOIL - Automechanika Istanbul Exhibitor 2016!

JV YUKOIL LLC is an Automechanika 2016 exhibitor!

JV YUKOIL invite to visit company's stand at Automechanika 2016!