text text YUKO FORMA 10 (ISO 10)

Form-lubricating fluid.

Enabled packing
Canister 17,5kg Canister 17,5kg   
Barrel 180kg Barrel 180kg   
In bulk In bulk   

Used for lubrication of forms in production of reinforced concrete, concrete, foam concrete and gas concrete products.

Intended for production of products with increased quality requirements to the finished products and their surface, as well as for form-lubrication during monolithic construction.

The product does not require pre-mixing. Delivered ready for use.

  • Allow to get products with high requirements to wares surface, without stains and bleached areas;
  • Extends the service life of wooden or plastic-coated forms;
  • Does not corrode metal moulds;
  • Efficient consumption;
  • Universal product for manual as well as for automatic application.