text YUKO TEMP-3KN (ISO 680)

Water-soluble lubricating coolant.

Enabled packing
Barrel 180kg Barrel 180kg   

Used as 5-10% aqueous emulsion for oiling carbon steels after pickling before cold rolling.

The most suitable water for emulsion preparation has hardness up to 6 mg·eq/ dm³, without coarsely dispersed impurities and chemical additives.

Before the aqueous emulsion preparation, the concentrate of the agent is thoroughly mixed in a storage container. The estimated quantity of the agent is loaded in the container equiped with a mixer. Than, water (15-45°C) is supplied in small portions or thin steam with constant stirring.

After water loaded, the mixture is thoroughly mixing until a homogeneous emulsion has formed.

  • free of oil;
  • easy to use;
  • simple to use and economic consumption;
  • good anticorrosive properties;
  • provides high operating properties;
  • long term service life;
  • explosion- and flameproof.