text text Food Grade GP

Food grease

Enabled packing
Сartridge 400ml Сartridge 400ml   
Plastic pail 0,8kg Plastic pail 0,8kg   
Plastic pail 9kg Plastic pail 9kg   
Plastic pail 17kg Plastic pail 17kg   
Barrel 180kg Barrel 180kg   

High-quality grease for food and pharmaceutical industry in cases where accidental contact of the lubricant with the product is possible. It is made on the basis of white oils, which have undergone a deep water purification and integrated aluminum thickener. Contains a complex of additives that meet the special requirements of the food industry.

YUKO food Grade GP - meets the international standards for NSF International Grease oils in the H1 category and  manufactured according to ISO 9001. YUKO Food Grade GP got the NSF International Certificate No. С0289383-01 dated May 17, 2016.

  • Resistance to water and steam, caustic solutions, alkaline solutions, salty water;
  • Wide temperature range of application;
  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces;
  • Bio-stable and does not color the surfaces. Has a neutral smell and taste;
  • Compatible with seals used in food equipment;
  • Does not contain natural products, animal origin or GMOs;
  • Suitable for use in places where vegetarian food is cooked.

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