text text YUKO FENIX XHP2

High-premium grease based on calcium sulfonate and synthetic components.

Enabled packing
Tin bucket 17,0kg Tin bucket 17,0kg   

It is recommended for application in roll stands mechanisms and drive gear axis of hot rolling steel mills, continuous casting machines; mechanisms and fittings for boilers, furnace and autoclaves; cement, chemical and glass industries equipment, operating under high temperatures. The mechanisms and nodes of road-building machinery and heavy vehicles, vibrating screens of the asphalt plants, heavy loaded bearings in heavy industry; bearings for paper and pulp industry equipment , bearings and equipment components used for  gas concrete production, drills and hammers; electric motor bearings of large dimensions.

  • Ensures efficient lubrication, high thermal and antioxidant stability and low oil separation at high temperatures;
  • Exceptional extreme pressure and anti-wear performance under heavy and shock loads;
  • High resistance against corrosion, water and steam washout, destruction resistance under mechanical shifting forces and dirty water influence;
  • Increased lubrication service intervals and reducing maintenance costs.

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