text text YUKO TRITON WR 2

Water resistant multigrade grease based on anhydrous calcium.

Enabled packing
Tin bucket 17,0kg Tin bucket 17,0kg   

It is recommended for application in marine vessels mechanisms, water transport and coastal engineering in any climate; the cars chassis, heavy forest, agricultural and building machinery, mining machinery and other equipment operating under conditions of water influence, dirt, snow, even under extremely low temperatures; rolling and sliding bearings under heavy loads, low and medium speeds under the influence of dirty and salt water washout; household and small equipment (bicycles, motor blocks, saws, cuttting machines) - all year round; rust preventing lubrication for equipment and metalware storage.

  • Heavy loads wear resistance;
  • Lasting protection against corrosion in salt and dirty water;
  • High adhesion to metal and excellent joints sealing;
  • Provides mechanisms protection at extremely low temperatures - down to -40 ° C

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