text text text YUKO LITOL-24

A universal multipurpose antifriction waterproof grease.

Enabled packing
Doypack 0,150kg Doypack 0,150kg   
Doypack 0,375kg Doypack 0,375kg   
Tin 400g Tin 400g   
Tin 800g Tin 800g   
Plastic pail 4,5kg Plastic pail 4,5kg   
Plastic pail 9kg Plastic pail 9kg   
OILBOX 17,0kg OILBOX 17,0kg   
Tin bucket 17,0kg Tin bucket 17,0kg   
Barrel 170kg Barrel 170kg   

Used for lubrication of friction units in wheeled and tracked vehicles, industrial equipment and ship machinery such as rolling and friction bearings of all types, hinges, gear and other transmissions, friction surfaces of industrial machinery, electric machines etc. Temperature range -40 °С ... + 120 °С (for a short moment up to 130 °С).

Produced from thickened petroleum oils blend with 12-hydroxy-stearic acid lithium soap with additional viscosity and antifriction additives. 

  • A universal multipurpose grease for lubrication of friction units of all types;
  • Has good conservation properties;
  • Extends the period of regular lubrication;
  • Allowed to be used in closed nodes (car wheel hubs, water pumpsbearings etc.) as a substituted for general-purpose lubricants;
  • High colloidal, chemical and mechanical stability;
  • Variety of packing types, package volumes;
  • Conforms to GOST.