text text text YUKO LITOL-24M

A universal multipurpose grease.

Enabled packing
Plastic pail 4,5kg Plastic pail 4,5kg   
Plastic pail 9kg Plastic pail 9kg   
Tin bucket 17,0kg Tin bucket 17,0kg   
Barrel 170kg Barrel 170kg   

A universal multipurpose grease with improved high-temperature properties. Intended for friction units lubrication such as: rolling and friction bearings of all types, hinges, gear and other transmissions, friction surfaces of industrial machinery, agricultural, automotive and construction vehicles. Temperature range -30 °С ... + 150 °С (for a short moment up to 180 °С).

Modified formula of Litol 24M allowed to improve high-temperature properties versus GOST Litol-24 grease. Can be used like universal automotive grease.

  • Ideal for year-round use for agro-field works, as well as for general-purpose units lubrication of and units operating in high-temperature, dusty or humid environments;
  • Has good conservation properties;
  • Extends the period of regular lubrication;
  • Allowed to be used in closed nodes (car wheel hubs, water pumps bearings etc.);
  • High colloidal, chemical and mechanical stability.