text text YUKO LITOLUX EP2

Multipurpose lithium grease

Enabled packing
Сartridge 400ml Сartridge 400ml   
Tin bucket 17,0kg Tin bucket 17,0kg   
Barrel 170kg Barrel 170kg   

LITOLUX EP2 grese is recommended for lubrication of all kinds of friction units: rolling bearings and sliding bearings (including sealing washers), hinges, rails, gears and other gears of industrial equipment, which works in difficult conditions and requires the use of lubricants with EP properties, as well as equipment where the presence of moisture is typical. Operating temperature range from minus 30°С to plus 130°С (up to 150°С short-term).

  • Reduced wear under high loads and vibration;
  • Provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion;
  • Resistant to water washout;
  • Provides high reliability of equipment;
  • Increases the life of bearings in wet environments.

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