Multi-purpose complex lithium lubricants

Enabled packing
Tin bucket 17,0kg Tin bucket 17,0kg   
Barrel 170kg Barrel 170kg   

This lubricant is intended for various conditions of application, with high antiwear and antiscuff characteristics. It provides high water-resistance as well as excellent stability under high loads and temperatures. The lubricant has high level of chemical stability and provides reliable corrosion protection.

It is recommended for application in all main types of industrial equipment, automobile industry, construction, agriculture, sea transport, mining industry, etc. The product is also applied in motor cars and trucks, taxi stations, as well as recommended to be applied in paper machines, rolling mills, and sugar mills. The lubricant can be used as multi-purpose lubricant for wheel bearings, chassis components, cardan cross-pieces, hub bearings, ball joints, and chain greasing in automobile industry. It is also appropriate for greasing water pump bearings, electrical motors, mechanical lathes, transmissions, connective and multi-purpose components.

  • Various conditions and wide temperature range of application;
  • Very good mechanical stability and high wash-out resistance;
  • High load capacity, good antioxidant stability;
  • Excellent corrosion protection and high antiwear properties.
  • Improved interval of lubricant replacement;

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