text text YUKO SHRUS-4 (NLGI 2, EP 2)

Automotive grease with molybdenum disulphide.

Enabled packing
Doypack 0,150kg Doypack 0,150kg   
Doypack 0,375kg Doypack 0,375kg   
Tin 400g Tin 400g   
Tin 800g Tin 800g   
Plastic pail 9kg Plastic pail 9kg   
Tin bucket 17,0kg Tin bucket 17,0kg   
Barrel 170kg Barrel 170kg   

Used for lubrication of constant velocity joints (SHRUS) in front-driven and all-wheel drive cars. Used for lubrication of ball double row bearings as well, which are used in wheel sets of domestic and imported cars. 

The greaseis produced based on Lithium hydroxystearate, improved with extreme pressure, anti-oxidizing and antifriction additive.

  • Superior anti-wear and extreme pressure properties;
  • Good water resistance;
  • High mechanical and oxidation stability;
  • Low volatility;
  • Extends regular lubrication period;
  • Wide temperature range of application.