text text YUKO CIATIM-221

Complex water- and heatproof grease.

Enabled packing
Tin 800g Tin 800g   
Tin bucket 17,0kg Tin bucket 17,0kg   

Chemically stable and inert enough to be used with a wide range of polymeric materials and rubber, therefore it is used to decrease friction loads in the friction units of “metal-metal” and “metal-rubber” surfaces.

Used for lubrication of various rolling bearings in electric machines, monitoring and control systems with rotation speed up to 10,000 rpm, incl. in vacuum. 

  • Water-insoluble and water-absorbing;
  • Multipurpose grease commonly used both for household purposes and in industry;
  • Wide temperature range of application;
  • Chemically stable;
  • Inert for rubber and polymeric materials;
  • Maintains stability after boiling;
  • Conforms to GOST;
  • Guaranteed shelf life – 5 years.