text text YUKO Graphite Grease

General-purpose calcium based grease.

Enabled packing
Doypack 0,375kg Doypack 0,375kg   
Tin 400g Tin 400g   
Tin 800g Tin 800g   
Plastic pail 9kg Plastic pail 9kg   
Tin bucket 17,0kg Tin bucket 17,0kg   
Barrel 170kg Barrel 170kg   

Used for lubricating of heavy-loaded sliding friction units of low-speed mechanisms, springs, tractor and machines suspensions, jacks, open gears etc. 

Produced from medium viscosity petroleum oils blend, thickened by hydrated fatty acids calcium soap of vegetable and animal origin, with added graphite acting as solid lubricant. 

  • Good anti-wear and extreme pressure properties;
  • Can be successfully used in severe conditions;
  • Optimum corrosion protection at high loads;
  • Low friction coefficient due to the presence of solid particles;
  • Water and dust protection;
  • Conforms to GOST.