text text YUKO REDUS CLP 46

Industrial gear oil.

Enabled packing
Canister 20L Canister 20L   
Barrel 200L Barrel 200L   
In bulk In bulk   

Intended for use in domestic and imported equipment. Made by innovative technology using high quality imported additives, meets basic international standards to gear oils.

Gear Oil REDUS CLP 46 is recommended for use in industrial gears (in industrial drives, conveyors, handling devices), metals (in the steel industry in circulation lubrication systems for rolling mills drives), mines and quarries (in enclosed gears, open gears, sliding knots, ropes), high-speed drives (high-speed rotating equipment, turbines, centrifugal compressors).

  • High EP properties, providing long-term work of gears without tearing, welding and breakage;
  • Wide temperature range of application;
  • Can be used in more loaded reducers;
  • A long-term drain interval;
  • Reduce costs of maintenance and repair of equipment.

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