text YUKO IGP-49 (HM 68)

Industrial and hydraulic oil.

Enabled packing
Barrel 200L Barrel 200L   
In bulk In bulk   

Used as power fluid in hydraulic systems of machine equipment, automated lines, presses, for lubrication of high-speed transmission gears, low and medium-loaded gearboxes and worm gears, variators, electromagnetic gears and gear clutches, bearing units of slideways and in other units and machinery, requiring the oils with improved anti-oxidant and anti-wear properties.

Produced of high-quality base oils with additives.

  • Improved reliability of the equipment performance;
  • Service life of the oil is 2-4 times longer than oils without additives;
  • Wide application in various systems and units of industrial equipment;
  • Use of special additives provides low temperature pour point and fluidity.