text SUPER GAS 10W-40

Semisynthetic motor oil for engines operating on natural gas

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Premium quality semy-synthetic motor oil intended for modern gasoline and diesel engines operating on natural gas (LPG - a mixture of propane and butane or CNG - methane) of passenger cars, vans and light trucks.

Produced from high quality base oils using a unique synthetic components that provides viscosity grade SAE 10W-40.

Compatible with injector engines, including turbocharged with intercooler and catalyst.

  • High performance under different operating conditions - in a city and the "start-stop" mode;
  • Good foaming and corrosion resistance, compatible with seal materials;
  • Increased engine cleanliness due to the high content of synthetic components;
  • Stable viscosity characteristics during the entire operation period due to the exceptional stability of all components;

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