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Synthetic base oil components and adapted innovative additives technology ensure smooth and reliable engine performance. The improved quality of YUKO SUPER SYNTHETIC SAE 5W-30  particularly results in further improved anti-wear protection and engine cleanliness, even during extended oil drain intervals. The extreme low viscosity at low temperature combined with a reliable high temperature viscosity and low volatility assures a high fuel economy capacity. It contributes through its high fuel economy and reduction of emissions to protect the environment.

YUKO Super Synthetic SAE 5W-30 C3 has been developed primarily for application in Longlife service (WIV) engines of Volkswagen group. It is suitable as high performance low friction engine oil for use in a new sophisticated generation of engines and recommended for gasoline and diesel engines of all passenger cars operating in various conditions, including the turbocharged and direct injected versions equipped with catalyst.

  • Extreme wear protection & excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Minimal frictional loss & Very high cleaning capability
  • Low volatilization loss & High oxidation and temperature stability
  • Reduces fuel comsumption according API EC and reduces exhaust emission
  • Excellent cold starting properties − rapid supply of all points of lubrication
  • Very good operating reliability & multigrade usage
  • Optimal engine cleanliness & lowest oil consumption
  • High margin of performance & product stability
  • Extended oil change intervals & prevents black sludge formation

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