text VEGA SYNT 10W-40

Semisynthetic high-quality hydrocracking motor oil.

Enabled packing
Canister 1L Canister 1L   
Canister 4L Canister 4L   
Canister 5L Canister 5L   
Tin bucket 20L Tin bucket 20L   
Canister 20L Canister 20L   
Barrel 200L Barrel 200L   
In bulk In bulk   

Intended for gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and vans (injector, multivalve, turbocharged, including fitted with exhaust fumes catalysts).

Produced according to hydrocracking technology of high-quality base oils with active additives package providing stable performance. Effectively prevents carbon and lacquer formation.

  • Reliable engine lubrication at any temperatures;
  • Easy cold start at sub-zero temperatures;
  • Due to the high content of synthetic components, the oil provides improved engine cleanliness;
  • No high and low temperature deposits in the engine;
  • Low volatility at high operating temperatures;
  • A wide range of packaging meets the requirements of any equipment;

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