text YUKO AGRO STOU 10W-30

Multigrade universal oil.

Enabled packing
Tin bucket 20L Tin bucket 20L   
Canister 20L Canister 20L   
Barrel 200L Barrel 200L   

Multipurpose high performance tractor oil , produced of high quality base oils and the most advanced additive package. Ensures universal application for all agricultural and tractor equipment.

Multigrade universal, multipurpose motor-, gear-, hydraulic type oil STOU (Super Tractor Oil Universal) for agricultural machinery.

  • Good thermal and oxidation stability reduces sludge and high temperature deposits;
  • The high base number counteracts carbon formation, allows to keep the engine clean, increasing its life time;
  • Excellent low temperature properties provide easy starting of the engine, hydraulics excellent work during the cold season;
  • Multigrade and multipurpose application (engine, transmission, hydraulics);
  • Compatible with other engine and transmission oils of the same specification.

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