text YUKO ТМ-4 80W-90

Universal all-season transmission oil.

Enabled packing
Tin bucket 20L Tin bucket 20L   
Barrel 200L Barrel 200L   
In bulk In bulk   

Universal all-season transmission oil for lubrication of cylindrical, conical, bevel spiral and hypoid gears operating at contact voltages up to 3000 MPa and temperature of oil in the amount up to 150 °C.

  • consistently highly effective under different operating conditions over a long period of time;
  • has good foaming and corrosion protection, compatibility with seal materials;
  • high level of protection against wear in a wide temperature range;
  • significantly reduces wear of the gears and bearings;
  • a modern package of extreme pressure additives provides a high level of protection for various loads, including percussion.