text text YUKO TRANS 85W-140

All-season oil for heavy-loaded hypoid gears.

Enabled packing
Tin bucket 20L Tin bucket 20L   
Barrel 200L Barrel 200L   
In bulk In bulk   

Used year-round for lubrication of heavy-loaded hypoid gears, distributor boxes, steering gears.

Developed in full compliance with the requirements of domestic and foreign hypoid gears manufacturers both for trucks and passenger cars. Produced of high-quality base oils with foreign additives package.

  • Provides good lubricating properties, improved performance reliability and fail safety;
  • High thermal and oxidative stability of oil base minimizes deposit formation on the wheel gear;
  • Superior corrosion protection in case of water ingress to the system;
  • Increased compatibility with gasket and seal materials.

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