Antifreeze Super G12+ (red)

High-quality coolant liquid

Enabled packing
Canister 1kg Canister 1kg   
Canister 5kg Canister 5kg   
Canister 10kg Canister 10kg   
Barrel 215kg Barrel 215kg   

High-quality coolant liquid for modern gasoline and diesel engines (including engines made of light metals), whichare operated in a variety of seasonal and climatic conditions.

YUKO Antifreeze Super G12+ is especially recommended for cooling systems made of aluminum. Provides reliable protection of the engine parts made of iron, aluminum, cooper and steel. Made on monoethylene glycol and special anti-corrosion additives basis, produced by BASF.

Does not contain nitrites, amines, silicates, borates and phosphates.
Without glycerine.

  • Highly efficient and long lasting corrosion protection for all cooling system components, especially aluminum made ones;
  • Maintenance-free freezing and overheating protection;
  • Increased refrigerant strength;
  • Non-aggressive to lacquer, flexible tubes and seals;
  • Corresponds to the best world G12 class liquids analogues;
  • May be mixed with G12 class liquids.

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