Congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

August 24 - we celebrate the Independence of our beloved Country - Ukraine.
We would like to wish all Ukrainians harmony, prosperity and constancy!
Believe that the success of the country depends on the efforts of each of us.
Peace to you and prosperity, our beloved country and brothers Ukrainians!

New YUKO lubricating greases package – 4,5 and 9 kg.

YUKOIL company goes on to improve packaging of YUKO products.
During May 2017, the renewed pails for greases (4.5 and 9 kg) have already arrived at warehouses and distributor centers.

JV YUKOIL has successfully renewed the API license

In may '17 JV YUKOIL has successfully renewed the American Petroleum Institute license.

Oil and greases YUKO - №1 for your garden equipment.

The spring has come and the season of agricultural and garden works started. Every owner carefully selects materials for garden equipment maintenance and operation. TM «YUKO» oils and greases are suitable to any 2T and 4T units

The new face of well-known brand. YUKO oils received a new package.

Modern and reliable packaging is an important part of high quality product.
Today, we are glad to present a new YUKO packaging.