Oil and greases YUKO - №1 for your garden equipment.

The spring has come and the season of agricultural and garden works started. Every owner carefully selects materials for garden equipment maintenance and operation. TM «YUKO» oils and greases are suitable to any 2T and 4T units

New packaging for traditional greases

JV YUKOIL LLC is the first manufacturer in the CIS, who has started production of greases in tin cans with Easy-Open system, which guarantees 100% protection against counterfeiting.
Yukoil has launched production of the most popular greases LITOL-24, SOLIDOL, GRAPHITE grease in new 1 liter (0.8 kg) tin cans.

Smaller format for bigger comfort

Yukoil is the first company in CIS that launched production of the multipurpose greases in easy open brand tin cans to guarantee the product's fake free protection and maintain its quality. New cans are available in 0.5L (0.4kg) sizes.

Synthetic by YUKO

In May of 2013 Yukoil commenced the of a brand new YUKO SAE 5W-40 fully synthetic High-Tech engine oil that meets the highest updated demands.

High-Tech Grease CIATIM-221.

In August'13 YUKOIL has launched the production of a new water- and temperature resistant grease «CIATIM-221».