Oil. Which do you want: sour or sweet?

Heavy or light, sweet or sour, WTI or Brent – is all about the oil.

Simple about complex - informative cycle of publications.

The history of the lubricants origin starting from oil production up to the finished product. Classification, production technologies and much more. All about this you can read in the new publications of our company.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Friends and Partners, we wish you Merry Holidays!

YUKO products are exported to Chile.

JV YUKOIL continues to expand the geography of supply. So, another country in South America - Chile has become an importer of TM YUKO products.
We are convinced that consumers in Chile will appreciate the quality of our products.

Congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

August 24 - we celebrate the Independence of our beloved Country - Ukraine.
We would like to wish all Ukrainians harmony, prosperity and constancy!
Believe that the success of the country depends on the efforts of each of us.
Peace to you and prosperity, our beloved country and brothers Ukrainians!