Our company celebrates 30th anniversary!

Today is an eventful day for JV YUKOIL – our company celebrates 30th anniversary!

Expansion of US exports

JV Yukoil continues to expand the geography of product supplies, because of active growth in YUKO oils and greases demand. Now, consumers in the United States can make their choice in favor of high-quality and highly effective lubricants.

API license renewal

Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System (EOLCS) of the American Petroleum Institute (API) conducted a planned audit of our products and extended YUKOIL licese for 2020-2021.

JV Yukoil LLC together with partners helps in fight with Coronavirus infection COVID-19

JV Yukoil LLC acquired and transferred the medical equipment necessary for the life support of patients for the needs of the regional infectious diseases hospital and military hospital.

Spring 2020 - the price of oil has fallen - when engine oils become cheaper?

In the Ukrainian market, wholesale prices for diesel fuel are declining actively, lagging behind the dynamics of falling oil prices by several weeks. Retail prices also declined. The main consumers of fuels and lubricants - farmers and transport workers put off until the last the purchase of diesel fuel and motor oils in the hope that each subsequent batch of purchases will be much cheaper.