JV YUKOIL has developed an engine oil specifically for racing cars

Viewer's eyes, car race is a spectacular event. He enjoys watching high-speed races, passionates about the skill of the pilots and sees off spectacular sports cars. However, the viewer doesn't see how painstaking the preparation for this event is. The team of JV YUKOIL technical oils plant carried out a large-scale work to assess the load on the engine of a sports car and develop a product that would provide high efficiency in competition conditions. The result is impressive - the world sees a special domestic-made racing motor oil under the YUKO brand. Now professional racers can use a quality Ukrainian product.

Engine oil Yuko Mega HD 10W-40 received an approval from MAN company

All-season engine oil for modern diesel engines Yuko Mega HD 10W-40 received an approval from the leading European auto group MAN.

Engine oil YUKO Synthetic Diesel 10W-40 received an approval MB 228.51

SYNTHETIC DIESEL 10W-40 is a synthetic engine oil developed for diesel engines of long-distance vehicles operating with heavy loads and this oil received an official approval MB 228.51 from Mercedes Benz.

Engine oil Yuko Mega HD 10W-40 received an approval from Mercedes-Benz!

All-season engine oil for modern diesel engines Yuko Mega HD 10W-40 received an approval from the leading German auto group «Mercedes-Benz AG».

New packaging – ECO BOX. Convenient, safe, environmental friendly!

The company «Yukoil» presented a new packaging format - ECO BOX. This is not only an updated bright stylish design, but also improved performance of environmental friendliness, safety, strength and cost effectiveness.

We received VOLVO approval for YUKO MEGA HD 10W-40!

The famous Swedish auto group «VOLVO GROUP Trucks Technology» has officially approved the usage of YUKO MEGA HD 10W-40 multigrade engine oil for heavy-loaded machinery.

The company «Yukoil» confirmed the quality of its products according to the requirements of high branch standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API)

The company received the official license from the American Petroleum Institute (API) for its top 2 products: Yuko Mega HD 10W-40 and Yuko Mega HD 15W-40.  Also, the company renewed the license for the most popular engine oil for trucks - Yuko Mega Diesel 15W-40.