High-Tech Grease CIATIM-221.

High-Tech Grease CIATIM-221.

In August'13 YUKOIL has launched the production of a new water- and temperature resistant grease «CIATIM-221».

Its performance is aimed to reduce the friction load in steel-steel and steel-rubber joints.

Applicable to lubricate bearings of electrical machines, control systems with torque speed up to 10000 RPM as well as in vacuum.

«CIATIM-221» is not not soluble in water, hygroscopic, resistant to chemical impact, neutral to rubber and polymer matter, stay stable at boiling.

Working temperature range: -60°С ... + 150°С. 
Guaranteed shelflife is 5 years.
«CIATIM-221» is manufactured according to GOST 9433-80