Upgraded winter screen wash fluid YUKO Snegir-33

Upgraded winter screen wash fluid YUKO Snegir-33

Yukoil has launched the production of an upgraded concentrated winter screen wash fluid YUKO Snegir-33.

YUKO Snegir-33 cleans perfectly the wind shields leaving no traces even at the ambient temperature -33°C.


YUKO Snegir-33 advantages: 


  • Safe organic materials without dangerous components; 
  • Effectively removes dirt, ice and salt leaving no strokes; 
  • Protects wind screen mechanism and wipers from ice;
  • Prevents corrosion of screen wash system; 
  • Neutral to paints, chrome, rubber and plastic; 
  • Defrost ice in windshield fluid storage tank and system; 
  • Smells nice; 
  • Manufactured from natural components. Methanol free. 


 Undiluted YUKO Snegir-33 is used within working temperature range -25°С - 33°С. 

In warm season it shall be diluted with water according to ratio indicated on the can. 

Use mild pipe or boiled water. 

The screen wash fluid is being sold in 2.5 L doy-packs throughout whole Ukraine. 

The pack is customer friendly due to its form and leak proof properties.