YUKO – European brand of automotive oils

YUKO – European brand of automotive oils

"JV Yukoil" - one of the most innovative technical oils plant in Eastern Europe - is now launching new line of automotive lubricants under trademark YUKO. It comes to substitute the previously used YUKOIL trademark due to growing export geography of the company.

The highlighted YUKO range makes possible to meet more advanced needs of car holders and guarantees high level of quality. The Lubrizol additive packages ensure stable properties of the lubricants.

YUKOIL is the first domestic company that presents the multipaged "peel-off" label with information in 7 languages.

The YUKO range comprises even now more than 200 items of lubricants. Nowadays, the company products are being shipped to 16 countries of EU, Asia, Africa and CIS.

Launching of the new trademark reflects the strategy of the company striven by manufacturing innovative high quality products compatible with European standards.

Therefore, for a couple of months within which rebranding process is on, there can be simultaneously two equal products under different names but of the same quality.